2008: Our Christmas of Kobe Beef

I am crazy-busy this week, travelling all over trying to tie up the end of 2011, and consequently trying not to completely lose my mind.  In the wake of it all, I go to my happy place, one of my favorite holiday memories- the Christmas of 2008.  This was the year my husband and I ran away to Las Vegas together- one of the happiest and most indulgent vacations ever.

This was also the Christmas of Kobe Beef, when we discovered the Kobe Beef Burger at Strip Steak in the Mandalay Bay Hotel…

This is the burger of every carnivores’ dreams.  I believe we ate here about four times during this trip- always at the bar, and always ordering this beautiful hamburger, as rare as possible.  The best cuts of beef, grilled as rare as you like, accompanied by the crispiest, most succulent duck fat fries.  Heaven!  Just look at that expression of pure, unadulterated joy on his face.  Is it any wonder I love this man?

Thanks, I’m feeling more in the Holiday Spirit already.