A Bouquet of Floral Acidity: Bressan Carat

We had the 2004 Bressan Carat last night with our Macaroni & Cheese… definitely had some mixed reviews.  In my opinion, this is a wine for geeky Italian wine lovers; enough acid to pair with almost anything (pork fat, chili, pizza…), and a complex, floral nose.  I love this wine- there’s a dried potpourri component in the nose that I associate with a lot of Friuli’s “orange” wines… although the Carat is only tending towards golden and is still fresh and vibrant.

Although this was from 2004, I think the wine will continue to improve- I would love to taste something from the early 1990’s, as I suspect some of this floral, herbaceous perfume will develop into a deeper, more caramel/ toasted nut aroma.  A bit more time in the bottle might also bring out some of the fruit in the wines as the acidity subsides.