A day in the life of Paolo Pasini … Vendemmia!

harvest landscape 2

Harvesting Trebbiano di Lugana at the Pasini family’s winery.

Azienda Agricola San Giovanni, a winery in the Garda region of Italy, is one of my favorite wineries to work with.  The Pasini family founded this winery in 1958, and  three generations later, it is still a family affair.  Paolo Pasini was kind enough to take some beautiful photos of life at the winery today, during these first days of harvest.  It is my pleasure to share them here- along with his hilarious captions.

Trust me. The San Giovanni wines are the wines that make people smile: happy, healthy, authentic treasures from one of Italy’s most hard-working, (and charming) producers.

quiet oliv tree“Quiet Olive Tree” (as this photo was titled by Paolo).  The light here makes me think that Paolo woke up and started photographing scenes from the winery today in an uncharacteristically philosophical and introspective mood.

strange tastingYep.  That’s more what I expected from Paolo.  He titled this one “Strange Tasting”.

is it ripen no it is notAnd this, “Is it ripe?  No, it’s not.”  Apparently we are still waiting on the Groppello to fully mature…

picking the grapes

A classic photo.  “Picking the grapes”.

good loadTitled: “Good Load”.  Looks like a fine year for Trebbiano di Lugana!

francesco the vine growerMeet “Francesco the Vine Grower!”

here we go“Here we go.”  If grapes could speak, that’s exactly what they might say…

grape carpetPaolo says, it’s not a red carpet, it’s a “Grape Carpet”.

ricky the cellarmanMeet “Rick the Cellarman”.  This is definitely his busiest time of year!

luca my cousin and muttley brain and legs for the wineryOne of my favorites, captioned “Luca my cousin, and Muttley, the brains and legs of the winery.”  I assume that’s Luca on the right.

right tastingThanks for the tour, Paolo, and we wish you much success with the harvest!  

In bocca al lupo, amici nostri!