A Salsa Verde that could make a rubber chicken taste good.

We had a parsley plant that was threatening to take over one side of our house.  My engineer-husband requested I trim it back to his exacting engineer-standards, which left me with more parsley than I knew what to do with.  Until I thought of this salsa verde.

I started by peeling two heads of garlic, then pulsing them into oblivion in the food processor.  I don’t care what you’re making, it’s going to taste good if the recipe starts off this way (see also: Peter Neptune’s Roasted Chicken Recipe).

Then I added some red pepper flakes, lemon juice, lemon zest, and the parsely.

I used a combination of olive oil and grape seed oil to blend the parsley paste into a soupy green pesto-type sauce.  At this point I simply seasoned the happy sludge with salt and started to salivate over the aroma of raw garlic and fresh parsley.

We have found multiple uses for this salsa verde.  It has become my indispensable secret weapon, elevating everything from pasta sauces to salad dressings and marinades.  I keep it hidden in glass jars in the back of my fridge, hoarding it until I get the next order to trim back my parsley plants.

Oh yes.  It’s also DELICIOUS with runny egg yolks.