Piadina @MostoEnotecaI was so excited to meet Massimo Fubelli and Chef Fabrizio Giorgi of Mosto Enoteca the other day at their lovely restaurant in Venice, California.  I spent over a year living in Bologna, where one of my staple lunch or dinner items was the local iteration of Romagna’s sandwich: the piadina.  Chef Fabrizio, being a local from Rimini, understands the art of this perfect little hand-held meal.

View @MostoThe warm, griddled flatbread was spread with a fresh, runny mozzarella– so fresh I thought it might be stracchino- then dotted with spicy arugula and draped with prosciutto.  Done.  Basta.  The perfect example of fast, healthy, regional Italian cuisine.  The key to simple dishes like the piadina is perfect balance between restraint and super high quality.  Not too much of each ingredient allows every flavor and texture to shine through against that soft, warm slightly-chewy give of the piadina element itself.

Now these Mosto Enoteca just needs a real authentic glass of regional wine to go with that perfect sandwich.

Maybe the Lambrusco boys of Opera02 can help?!

Mattia in Cantina

Mattia Montanari with the perfect pairing to a piadina- a glass of cold Lambrusco!