Bonny Doon gets Geeky with Artisanal Cider

Boony Doon‘s Resident Mad Scientist, Randall Grahm released his first hard cider this year, aptly named ¿Querry? 

The cider itself is an answer to a query of sorts- what do local pears, apples and quince taste like when fermented into a traditional hard cider?

Delicious. Distinctive. Divine 

¿Querry? is delicate, perfumed on the nose with hints of wild apples, dusty pear skins and that bright, fermenting note so common in the alcoholic beverages of a more natural production.  ¿Querry? is violently fizzy- pour slowly and patiently and you will be rewarded!  You do not want to waste this delicate carbonation- it lifts the cider to another level of gustatory delight.

In the palate you might be surprised by the balance and fruit you find. This is a very dry cider- with a clean finish full of that bracing minerality usually reserved for Alsatian wines.  It was love at first sip for me.  Luckily I live relatively close to Buzz Wine Beer Shop, one of Bonny Doon’s exclusive retailers for this cider.

We paired the cider with two excellent cheeses- a runny, gooey French Brie and a sharp, aged Danish Gouda.  The cider is a perfect match for this kind of rich, salty snack.  The bubbles cut right through all that delicious cheesiness and help clean the palate in between bites.  Heaven. 

We also tasted this cider with the
remnants of a not-too-sweet Blackberry Cobbler.  Although not a perfect match, the cider has enough body to stand up to some fruity sweetness, and the cool bubbles were a pretty counterpoint for the warm, luscious cobbler.

Randall Grahm, if this is the product of your curiosity at work, please don’t stifle those creative juices!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.