Breakfast of Champions… Posole!

Living in Southern California, I have consumed a great deal of Mexican food.  However I had not encountered Posole until yesterday morning when our dear friend Angela prepared it for breakfast on New Year’s Day.  There is no better way to start a new year than with the aroma of Angela’s Posole wafting out of your kitchen.  Heaven!

Angela started the Posole on new Year’s Eve by making the chile sauce that would be the base for the broth.  I watched her manipulate a few simple ingredients and was struck by how similar this kind of cooking is to a lot of the great Italian classics.  This is solid, flavorful food that you can stretch to feed an army of people for very little money.

Angela simmered the dried New Mexico chilis in water until they were soft.  Then she added garlic, salt, and onions and blended the mixture until it was smooth.  She marinated some pork shoulder and chicken breast in a little sauce, and reserved the rest for the soup. Then she refrigerated everything overnight.

You can imagine how amazing this smelled as it bubbled away in the morning…initially redolent of garlic and pork, the aromas became nuttier and even more comforting after she added the hominy.  Thank you, Angela, for making enough for leftovers.  Emil and I will be eating like kings for a few more days!

Garnish with limes (these were super sweet Mexican limes from my uncle’s backyard)…

Top with shredded cabbage, onions, radishes and cilantro.

Finish with a little dried oregano and hot pepper flakes.

The only way to improve on this kind of perfection, is to add a few shots of tequila or some Blackberry Margaritas.  

Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo, Buon Capodanno!