La MattaYes, I sell wine for a living and I write about my products here on this site.  I am proud to represent the products in AI Selections portfolio.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most interesting collections of imported wine around- that’s why I took the job.

In our industry it is customary that a salesperson “supports” her own products in her accounts.  This means we drink our own wines- wines we have sold into these restaurants and wine bars.

The funny thing is, for the first time in my career I feel absolutely NO pressure to do this.  AI Selections was founded by David Weitzenhoffer, former Wine Director for Felidia in NYC.  If anyone appreciates the fascinating diversity of the wine world, and recognizes the sheer importance of knowing as many wines as possible, it’s David.  Consequently, I do not feel I HAVE to order my own wines in our accounts.

But most of the time I still I do.  Because I love them.

I especially excited about a new listing at Sotto in Los Angeles.  Casebianche’s “La Matta” Fiano is a naturally sparkling, unfiltered, unfined, and generally delicious.  Crunchy-saline-minerality.  The truly unpretentious side of Fiano.

Chicken Liver Pasta @SottoLA

“La Matta” is the perfect, refreshing foil to this rich, chicken liver pasta at Sotto.

Jay Latham, a colleague of mine, pointed me to an excellent blog post by AndiamoTrips, where the author received this message from Pasquale Mitrano, the owner of Casebianche .  In explaining the production process of “La Matta”, Pasquale writes:

“We harvest the grapes very early (late August) to have a low alcoholic grade and  a sustained acidity. Then we press the grapes whole with soft pressing, taking a sample of just the juice. A part of the must is immediately frozen, and will subsequently be used as a “liqueur de tirage” in place of sugar, for the second fermentation in the  bottle. The base goes through the complete alcoholic fermentation in steel, then a slight cold stabilization and transfer some to take out some of the large deposits of lees. In late November and early December, we thaw the must , unite it with the must, and proceed with bottling. The first warm days in spring is when the “miracle” of the second fermentation begins , and La Matta is ready for immediate drinking. ” (Read the entire article HERE)

Meatballs @SottoLA

This beautiful, cloudy, perfectly fizzy wine is perfect with the food at Sotto in Los Angeles, and it paired especially well with the roasted pork meatballs (which I cannot stop fantasizing about.)

Drink this wine- I think you’ll like it too!