Chinese Takeout and Ambyth Estate’s Biodynamic Counoise. (What Grandma wants, Grandma gets).


That’s right. What Grandma wants, Grandma gets.

I tried to convince her to let us roast a chicken, or make some home-made tagliatelle, or even a nice rack of spring lamb! But no, Grandma wants Chinese takeout. Done.

My favorite wine to pair with this kind of self- indulgent, saucy, spicy Asian fare? A fresh, high-acid, fruit-driven red from Paso Robles. Yes, I just used “fresh” and “high-acid” in reference to Paso Robles. Tonight we enjoyed a bottle from Biodynamic estate Ambyth, made with 100% Counoise. This wine is all fresh raspberries on the nose with a heady dose of berry bramble. On the palate Ambyth Estate’s Counoise is clean, bright and refreshing. The perfect match for the myriad Chinese takeout classics that can run the gamut from spicy noodles to sweet and sour shrimp.

The only “complaint” from Grandma was the wine’s (atypical Paso Robles) low alcohol content.

Rock on, Grandma. Rock on.