Tramonto PerugiaPerugia really is pure magic.  This is a city full of beautiful and mysterious juxtapositions.  The entire city clings precariously to the side of a massive hills, completely exposed to the ether high above the Umbrian countryside.  And yet, Perugia is still secure- totally ensconced in massive stone walls and intricately woven passageways.  Precious works of art are everywhere- both totally exposed and available for everyone to enjoy, and simultaneously stashed surreptitiously in every nook and cranny, on the walls of each pubic building and church.  Hidden in plain sight.

Ferrari in PerugiaWe stumbled upon a restaurant called La Taverna, a warm light deep in the belly of a steep passageway- the bottom of an ancient, crooked staircase right off the main piazza.  When I saw this bottle of Ferrari Brut on the wine list, it seemed the only natural choice to make.

How else do you toast the pure alchemy of such a wonderful place, than with a glass of golden bubbles?

Ferrari’s Brut is made from Chardonnay grapes grown in Trentino.  The bubbles are a product of a metodo classico fermentation, where yeasts are introduced in the bottles of wine to induce a secondary fermentation, which results in a natural carbonation and a complex aroma.Risotto al Tartufo @LaTaverna

I love this wine for its straight-forward, even perlage.  The tangled frothiness of these bubbles tickles my palate and just makes me happy.  The aromatics are full of fresh yellow apple and Anjou pear, while the yeasts lend a note of fresh-baked bread.  This is a wine that pairs well with ANYTHING.  Forget pairing truffles with Nebbiolo, for just one minute.  Now consider a sparkling Chardonnay like Ferrari’s Brut.  That’s right- nothing highlights the earthy umami of truffles like the fresh spring breeze of a bright sparkling wine!

Cin Cin, Perugia.  Thanks for the memories.