We all know Alba is full of lovely little restaurants and amazing wine lists- how could it not be when situated in the heart of the Langhe?  However one of my favorite moments from our trip with the Piemonte Land of Perfection tour was meeting my friend Elisa Scavino for breakfast.



I love the little glimpses into the regular daily lives of the people we meet in Italy.  These are the moments that really ground my impressions of Italy and it’s people.  The moments that take them from being legendary winemakers, and turn them into real people, too.


Elisa took me and sommelier Ted Glennon to this little spot she likes to frequent on a sunny day, to sit outside and read the newspaper with her dog Ercole while she sips a cappuccino

Breakfast (colazione) consisted of a few cups of coffee and some of the flakiest and most delicate brioche I have ever tasted.  We also tried a tender cake made with almond flour and fresh blackberries.  Add to that a bit of conversation with a truly passionate winemaker and a savant sommelier, and yes, that’s pretty much my idea of an ideal breakfast in Alba.

I didn’t catch the name of this little spot- tucked off a main street in the heart of Alba’s medieval, cobblestone streets, but I am sure Elisa can remind us.  It smelled like heaven, and sitting inside this place was like being ensconced in a jewelry box, full of pretty, shiny things.

Part of this experience that simply tickled me was looking up from our little cafe table and noticing the legendary bottles of wine stacked casually on the shelves across from us.


Proud, colorful reminders that yes, we were having a delicious breakfast in Italy.  And yes, we had arrived in the heart of Piemonte.