What an amazing couple of days.  Enzo Brezza is in town, showcasing his heart-stopping wines.  Come by the Wine House tonight and taste for yourself- this is pure Nebbiolo Magic.


Enzo BrezzaEnzo, looking happy with the 2014 tank sample at the winery this October.

The Brezza family has been making Barolo for over 4 generations.  This is the real Langhe.  As Enzo puts it, “I like to use a very soft style- we want to take the grapes to the glass”.  No filtering, no added yeasts, spontaneous, natural fermentation.  A very down-to-earth approach centered around expressing terroir.

Come meet Enzo tonight, Friday, November 15 at the Wine House (7:30-8:30pm) and find out for yourself why we are all so completely charmed by this man, and his wines.  $10 to taste some serious wines!  

Hope to see you there!