Dettori Cannonau @BiCEThis is a very important question:

What does a winemaker drink, when she’s not drinking her own wine?

We went to dinner at BiCE in San Diego with Elisa Scavino and Riccardo Sgarra of Paolo Scavino winery, and we enjoyed two bottles of vino Italiano, each one singular and special in its own way.  The first was a gorgeous bottle of Soave from Suavia– their single vineyard “Monte Carbonare” selection.  15 months ageing on the lees and a completely unique terroir give this Soave a personality all its own.  Layered, complex, begging for decanting; opulent and at the same time razor-edged.  I was totally entranced by this wine!

Monte Carbonare @ BiCE

Following the Soave we enjoyed another unique bottling- Dettori’s “Dettori” Cannonau.  Natural wine- crunchy with a vinous streak that reminds me of what it must have been like to drink wine with the Apostles.  Reeking of history and terroir; fermented and refined with glass and cement.  Fascinating as always.

So, what does a winemaker drink when she’s not drinking her own wines?  

The answer is: everything.

The understanding and real enjoyment of wine is a journey that (thankfully) never ends.BICE!