Exile Rose

Sometimes you just need a glass of bubbles.  Maybe more than sometimes.  In the wake of the holidays (Thanksgiving!?  Christmas?!  New Year’s?!) I like to have an arsenal of happy-making-sparkling wines at the ready.  Like this one.

Ash & Emil

The Jousset “Exile” Rose is frothy and fresh and smells like summer.  Perfect for an afternoon on a boat on a lake in Montana.  Where it can (and should) be consumed out of red Solo cups.  Also perfect for pairing with just about any savory appetizer or cheese.

As written by my friend at Best Wines Online,

“Lise and Bertrand Jousset are mixing things up. Their enlightened viewpoint in the cellar allows them to make wines that are both serious and joyful at the same time…perfect. Their Rosé Petillant Exile is a dry, lightly sparkling blush wine from mature Cabernet Franc vines in St. Nicolas de Bourgeuil that is fermented, bottled, then disgorged several months later after another natural fermentation in the bottle.  100% Cabernet Franc from 20 year old vines in St. Nicolas de Bourgeuil. Native yeast fermented.”


This picture sums up how drinking this wine will make you feel.  Yah-hoo!


Trust me.  Drink more Pink Bubbles!