When an Italian wine importer tells you he’s addicted to a Frizzante Rose wine from Lombardia, you have to check it out firsthand.

Thanks to Italian Wine Legend JD of Zig Zagando, I’m addicted too!  His gorgeous pink sparkler from the Provenza winery in Lombardia just about made my night, especially when paired with the fish-wielding expertise of my local Sushi Guru at Three Monkies Japanese Kitchen in Huntington Beach.


This wine is made with Marzemino and Gropello grapes, two of Lombardia’s indigenous varietals.  It is made in a rose style, and slightly sparkling, with a bright, happy color reminiscent of Cherry 7Up.  Move over Prozac, we’ve found a glass of sparkling wine to cure the blues.


The nose is pretty, simple with straight-forward strawberry and fresh-cut floral notes.  The palate is bright, zippy and dry, balanced by a lean and fruity backbone.  The perfect foil for rich, buttery fish and starchy white rice.  This wine screams for sushi.

We tasted this Rose with a rich, buttery portion of Japanese Scallops…

…and then with the Oysters, seasoned with a bit of Ponzu…

…and also with a bit of tuna…

The great thing about this wine was that it acted as the perfect palate cleanser between bites.  Much like the staple pickled ginger of most sushi restaurants, this wine picks up any residue of fishy oils, it cleans the mouth of starchiness and neutralizes vinegar or soy.  It also it refreshes the palate with the perfect amount of carbonation.  It’s not the kind of wine that requires a lot of thinking- it’s just plain fun.  Plus, it’s delicious.

In fact, I’ve heard stories that it’s the perfect accompaniment to a long summer drive up the California Coast.

Not that I’m condoning that kind of behavior.