Fresh Pasta Truck? Genius. Cascina Luisin Barbera? Naturally!

Pasta TruckWith all the (sometimes questionable) food trucks bumping around Los Angeles these days, I saw one concept parked just outside of Barbaresco’s ancient city walls that really resonated with me- a local pasta-maker selling his fresh pastas!  Now that’s a food truck I would frequent.

With all the noble bottles of Barbaresco and Barolo we sampled during this trip, one of my favorite wines was actually a Barbera, made by historic Barbaresco producers, Cascina Luisin.

Barbera(Check out Roberto Minuto’s winemaker hands- you can tell they’re in the middle of harvest by the purple around his nails.)

When you spend time with Barolo and Barbaresco producers, they almost all bottle other things- Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Freisa- as well.  This is because the “Big Boy” wines aren’t consumed all that often- at least not locally.  Wines like this Barbera are easier to drink, and just pair better with food- especially when they’re young.

Cascina Luisin’s 2011 Barbera d’Alba “Axilium” is gorgeous right now- balanced, round with black fruit and balanced by a very elegant acidity.  This is the wine you want to drink with fresh Tajarin al Ragú!



View from Cascina Luisin’s winery.

Now if somebody would just start up a pasta truck around here, I believe I can find a bottle of Barbera for dinner tonight…