Michele Obama Michele SattaWhat wine does the Obama family enjoy in celebration of the First Lady’s birthday?  Why, Michele Satta’s Costa di Giulia from Bolgheri, of course!

Who knew the President and Mrs. Obama had such excellent taste in wine?

Michele Satta Costa di GiuliaThe Obamas were dining at Cafe Milano in Washington DC when they selected this stunning white wine.  The fact is, Michele Satta’s Costa di Giulia is the perfect pairing for most food.  Made from Vermentino and Sauvignon, Michele Satta’s Costa di Giulia is full of acidity and ripe mouth-watering fruit.  The wine begs for anything with a little animal fat: cheese, cured meats, olive oil.

The estate that produces the wine, Michele Satta, is a small, family-owned winery in Bolgheri, the land of Big Industry Wineries.  The philosophy of the estate is built on the back of Michele Satta himself; a man with a vision to come to Bolgheri, plant vineyards, and make wines that would speak for the terroir and the people of this beautiful place.

Michele Satta worked hard from the moment he arrived in Bolheri.  He made a life for himself there, created a family and slowly, painstakingly, and joyfully, expanded his property into the important estate it is today in Bolgheri.

Michele Satta did not have the huge, industrial investments of some of the large wineries in the area, nor did he inherit the land or the money he needed to build his estate.  He simply followed his heart, worked as hard as he could (and still does), and has always kept true to himself.

I beieve it is no coincidence that our US President chooses to enjoy a wine made by a man like Michele Satta.  No coincidence at all.

If I ever met an Italian with the family values, the self-starting, visionary work ethic that I believe defines the heart and soul of America, it is Michele Satta.Michele & Luigi

Michele Satta and his Grandson, Luigi.