Homecoming Dinner (Why My Husband is So Awesome)

I am a lucky woman.  I must have done something very wonderful and selfless in another lifetime to deserve this.  There is a handsome Armenian grilling my dinner as I begin to write this…

Seriously, what could possibly be better than arriving home after travelling all week, than to have somebody else already planning to make your dinner?  My grandmother always used to say “hunger makes the best cook”, but I tend to think it’s truly ANYBODY else who makes the best cook.  I love cooking- don’t misunderstand me here- but food always tastes better when somebody else prepares it for you.

Check out the highly-engineered “Tee-Pee” formation of drumsticks (*patent pending)

I figured I had better do my part by choosing the wine for dinner- my favorite contribution to make!  I had a bottle of Michele Satta’s “Costa di Giulia” in the fridge- we figured it would go well with both the asparagus and the chicken.   This wine is very fresh and vibrant, with a nice, weighty body.  The wine was originally 100% Vermentino, but eventually evolved into a blend of 65% Vermentino, 35% Sauvignon.  It’s a gorgeous wine that truly elevated a simple meal.

Words to live by:

If you want to show somebody you care about them, find some way to feed them.

*Mugsy agrees.  This is his “please, feed me” face.