How Beautiful and Inspiring it is to Plant a Vineyard: by Elisa Scavino

MonviglieroI just saw this Facebook post by one of my dear friends, Elisa Scavino and I need to share it.  This is the poetry of winemakers.  This is the reason humankind is inherently drawn to the mystery of turning grapes into wine.  The alchemy of wine-making.  The heart of the hard work, the sweat, and tears that go into the shepherding of a vineyard…

By Elisa Scavino…

How beautiful and inspiring is to plant a vineyard. How many thoughts passed through my mind these days. I feel so grounded and in the right place when I am there. I love the intimacy that can be established with a place.Nebbiolo

Every 90 cm of distance on the row, I kneel down and I sink my hands in the hole to keep the vine straight and cover it with the finest soil. Every 90 cm the soil changes. Nature. I knew it from before but it’s different when you experience it. It’s touching.

My knees are reddened this evening and my back is hurting a little bit but I feel so happy and honored and appreciative for my work!


Grazie del cuore, Elisa!

Cocktails with Elisa Scavino @Carnevino

Me with Elisa Scavino and Riccardo Sgarra in Las Vegas at Carnevino.