During my tour with the Piemonte Land of Perfection group, we were invited to a cocktail reception for the Consorzio dell Asti D.O.C.G.  In addition to affording us the chance to taste a plethora of Moscati, we had the chance to experience the elegant interpretation of Italian bartending.  Yes, Italians do indeed enjoy the Aperol Spritz.



As our friends at CarneVino have taught us, a traditional Aperol Spritz is made with Aperol, Prosecco and a little water.  The Asti Consotrzio had re-phrased this recipe to simply include Moscato d’Asti, and Aperol.  You might think this would create a kind of sweet-on-sweet effect, rendering the cocktail tooth-achingly syrupy, but this wasn’t the case.

When I talked to the bartenders they corrected me- they had specifically chosen the Ghione Moscato d’Asti for its mineral verve and acidity.  The perfect foil for Aperol’s bitter-sweet bite.

Another note from first-hand experience- after a long day of wine-tasting, there is nothing more refreshing than an Aperol Spritz.  Cold, a little bit bubbly, sweet and sour with a tiny bit of stomach-settling bitter.  It’s a palate-refresher and a cure-all remedy for whatever ails you.


I was so happy to see first-hand that yes, Italians do love an Aperol Spritz, even one made with Moscato d’Asti.  Just another example of how Italians have an absolute talent for zeroing in on one special ingredient, and simply exalting it.

For all my bar-tending friends… I missed you!