“I like my pocket full of money… My whiskey, gin and wine”

Sangiovese @MicheleSatta
“I like my pocket full of money…My whiskey, gin and wine”  

This is the quote from Stevie Ray Vaughn’s, “They Call Me Guitar Hurricane” that is jauntily printed on the first page of AI Selection’s wine portfolio.  We are in the middle of the the iron-fisted reign of a handful of large, corporate, suit-wearing wine distributors, and these guys are walking around with blues lyrics plastered on their price books.

I liked them immediately.  Thankfully, they seem to like me too.

I start my new job today with AI Selections.  I will be representing their collection of ruffian wineries, natural biodynamic magicians, the Young, the Hip, the Serious-about-Wine.  The AI Selections portfolio is irreverent, it’s classic, and it’s the most exciting thing I have seen in many years.  Plus, the wines are Just. Plain. Delicious.

I am so fortunate to have represented so many amazing wineries, and I especially cannot thank Banville & Jones enough for the opportunities they afforded my over the past few years.  I know many of those people and their wineries will remain a part of my “wine family” forever.

But  now it’s time for a change.

Watch out.  They call me Hurricane an’ I’ve come to play your town.