I’m sitting in LAX this morning at 5am.  I am exhausted and I probably need another cup of coffee.  But underneath it all I can feel myself re-charging.  I’m going home.

Every time, since the very first time I set foot in Italy, I have known I belong there.  A part of me relaxes with the easy, sing-songy cadence of the language.  In Italy, the eager enthusiasm and passion I feel for everyday life is reflected back to me in the people I meet.

They know Life is Beautiful too.

Italians are endlessly charming to me.  They obsess over film, politics, food.  They know there is nothing a shot of perfectly pulled espresso and a warm brioche can’t cure.  They understand my need to cook for people, to invite them into my home, and make them part of my life.  Turning strangers quickly into family.


I am American, but I am home in Italy.

I have the great opportunity to spend these next few days exploring Piemonte- a dream for any oenophile.  I hope to come away with some deeper understanding of Nebbiolo, and of all the varied, nuanced, ancient soils and vineyards tucked there in the foothills of those great mountains.

I know I will come away with a deeper understanding of myself.

“I’m coming home./  I’m coming home./ Tell the world I’m coming home/ I know my kingdom awaits” (Diddy Dirty Money)

Elisa and Joanie BW

About The Author

I love all things Italian: the beautiful country of Italia, the Italians themselves, the language, the food… and above all, I love Italian wine. The people I meet in my charmed life are fascinating, the wines are extraordinary. I needed a special place like this to write about them, and to remember them.

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  1. Steve Haught

    Elisa Scavino is charming and Paolo Scavino wines are terrific. My wife and I met her last year on our trip to Piemonte. We are headed back to Piemonte next week for white truffles and more wine tasting. We have been to many parts of Italy but Piemonte is the best.

  2. filippo

    Hai avuto parole bellissime e ti scrivo in italiano non solo perché il mio inglese, come sai, fa schifo, ma anche perché so che questa è la lingua delle tue radici che sono in Italia… in Sicilia… Non sarà proprio, come dici tu, che non c’è niente che non possa aggiustare una brioche e un buon caffè espresso. La nostra economia è un po’ giù, la nostra politica non aiuta, non abbiamo una guerra ma c’è gente che viene da noi per trovare una nuova vita e invece trova la morte… In tutto questo il buon cibo e il buon vino danno una mano… non cancellano i problemi, ma spesso fanno trovare soluzioni. Buon viaggio Giovanna! p.s.: viva il Piemone e anche la Sicilia… 😉

  3. Cosimo Pacecca

    your description of feeling like you are going home resonates with me as well although I was born in Australia to Italian parents. The first time I visited the langhe hills It was like my long lost home.

  4. Nicolò Seminara

    Cara Joanie, ti scrivo anche io in italiano, (I am sorry for the americans readers), per dirti solo che , da italiano verace, mi ha COMMOSSO la tua visione magica del NOSTRO splendido e decadente Paese. Fortunata tu, che sai cogliere dall’esterno le bellezze che noi, a volte, non riusciamo più a dominare. Ti leggo sempre con grande piacere e passione.
    Vivo a 15 km da Proseccoland (a Treviso). Spero che nel futuro tu possa organizzare un tour nella bellissima terra del Prosecco, magari per poterti solo salutare!!
    Nicolò Seminara


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