My company, Banville & Jones, sponsored an Italian Wine Tasting a few weeks ago at A16 in San Francisco. Our winemakers came from Italy to showcase their wines, and A16’s chef David Taylor’s food provided the perfect backdrop… especially when he and his team started breaking down a whole hog on the other side of the kitchen counter.

We were lucky enough to have Claudio Farina, of Remo Farina winery in the Valpolicella.  He was pouring his gorgeous Amarone alongside a couple of breathtaking indigenous whites.  We were also joined by the Henry Wine Group‘s Italian Wine Specialist, Brittany Carlisi (also known as The Wine Contessa).

San Francisco’s legendary “JD” James Dirickson of Zig Zagando was there as well, having a blast tasting with Toscana’s equally legendary Michele Satta.  Now these are Tuscan wines to make your mouth water and your heart swell with pride.

Fabio Anguis of Pala winery in Sardegna also joined us- a dapper gentleman with a passion for Sardegna and its wines.  His Pala Vermentino is gorgeous- silky, bright with acidity and a long full-bodied yellow plum finish.  Salty minerality permeates the wines, making it a natural accompaniment to bottarga, grilled fish and seaweed salads.

A16’s Ricotta and Pea Bruschetta (My favorite- thank you, Chef!)

A16’s house-made mortadella and olives.

Ca’ del Bosco was represented by Vittorio Marzotto, who delighted in pouring a very rare and exclusive Rose for Shelley Lindgren.  How I love the unparalelled Franciacorta of Ca’ del Bosco!

And of course, nobody could resist the opportunity to take a picture with the beautiful Elisa Scavino of Paolo Scavino winery, one of the Langhe’s living legends, and a true pioneer of Nebbiolo.  This is a woman whose explanations of the various cruse of Barolo could easily be mistaken for poetry.

Thanks, A16, for a wonderful opportunity to show San Francisco how amazing these wineries are, and for providing the perfect food to go with their wines.  Bravo!