Vigna al ParcoThe ever-changing landscape of the Tuscan countryside, from Casa Emma’s balcony.

One of my favorite aspects of my job is when the Italian winemakers visit the market.  They come to meet their customers, get to know the salespeople, and generally learn about the US market.  This week we have Alessandro Bucalossi of Casa Emma in town… Chianti for everyone!Chianti Classico

Casa Emma is in San Donato in Poggio, very close to Castellina.  The elevation is about 420 meters above the sea, sprawling out over a beautiful hillside that is crested with a natural preserve.  The sweeping exposure to sunlight, along with the oxygen-producing trees at the top of the incline, help make this vineyard a perfect little ecosystem for the grapes.

The Bucalossi family bought the estate from a Florentine noblewoman, Emma Bizzarri, whose name was used for the title of the estate, as a sign of respect for the land’s historical roots.Rooster

Casa Emma cultivates mostly Sangiovese, but also has some precious indigenous varietals as well.  Their first Chianti Classico is made with 90% Sangiovese, 5% Cannaiolo and 5% Malvasia Nera.  The Cannaiolo is relatively standard in these blends, but the Malvasia Nera is what helps really set this wine apart from other Chianti Classico expressions.  There is a black fruit, plums and dried orange peel quality that the Malvasia Nera lends to the blend that I really like.  It’s juicy and  toothsome- a perfect glass of vino for a lovely afternoon with a view…

*If you’re in LA this Saturday, November 2 from 1-3PM I will be pouring Casa Emma wines with Alessandro at the Wine House.  Swing by and have a taste of Tuscany!*