Le Piane: Piemonte’s Not Just Barolo Anymore.

The Le Piane wines are intriguing to me, as they come from a region called Boca, a quite little village in the province of Novara, situated between the Valesesia Valley and the Lago d’Orta, where the Alps begin. Altitude, large body of water nearby, and quick-draining soil full of iron.  This is a terrior-recipe for success!

This Vino Rosso from the Colline Novaresi near Boca is a gorgeous little wine, a blend of local indigneous grapes including Nebbiolo, Vespolina, Croatina and Bonarda.  The “Maggiorina” blend is stainless steel fermented, leaving a pure, vibrant expression of this field blend to shine through.  The wine is mouth-watering, with cherries and violets exploding on the palate and nose, and a rippling acidity balanced by round, ripe fruit.

Rustic as this wine may be, it has a minerality and sturdy backbone of acidity that makes me think these wines can age for years.  Move over Barolo, Boca’s back in town.