Lunch with the family @PaoloScavino, talking glassware and Tajarin.

Squadra Scavino


Work is never finished for a farmer, and especially for a wine grower!  This is a picture of Enrico Scavino with some of his Italian sales agents and a few local Alba boys who stopped by the winery to taste and take a tour of the facility.  On a Sunday.  In the middle of the harvest. These people work so hard- it’s truly impressive.

After the tour group departed Elisa and Enrico invited me to have lunch with them in their family home.  It was such a beautiful experience- and if you ever have the chance to taste Elisa’s Aunt’s cooking, you’ll understand completely.



We tasted the 2007 Rocche dell’Annunziata Barolo with lunch (locally made tajarin and Zia’s ragu, roasted beef, long beans from the garden…).  Always an elegant wine- she is ripe and full of promise right now.  This is a baby with at least 35 years to go before we will know her true beauty.  The discussion turned to glassware, and Elisa insisted we taste the wine in a series of different glasses.  Enrico had been part of a panel of producers who went to Riedel with Angelo Gaja to develop the “Nebbiolo” glass, and he is a big fan of this fluted, wide-bowled shape.  I love the way the spread lip encourages the wine to spill over your tongue and all over the inside of your mouth so easily.

gajaIt was a lot of fun to taste the wine with the two of them from different glasses.  The shape makes such a huge difference in how aromatics are perceived, and how “hot” the alcohol reads.  Now I understand why so many of our customers have a standard glass they always use to taste wine.  At least it will give you a baseline for what you are tasting.

Enrico Scavino


Bravo, Papa Enrico!  Bravo!