Stella Flora


I’m in Verona for the Vinitaly  trade show, but on Saturday we planned a trip to one of the show’s “Anti-Vinitaly” demonstrations.  These events are smaller, more targeted gatherings held adjacently to the big she-bang.  I love discovering new wineries and tasting new wines at these events.  At Vini Veri we found one stand-out at the Maria Pia Castelli booth- a crystal-clear, bright yellow (almost orange?) wine made from the Marche’s indigenous grapes like Trebbiano, Malvasia and Pecorino.  The wine is called Stella Flora- an accurate description meaning something like “floral star”. The wine smelled like fresh jasmine flowers and green tea, and had an oily texture and a punctuated acidity.  The fruit component was all over-ripe yellow plum and tangerines.

One shining star in the sea of beautiful vino Italiano.

So many wines, so little time!