Mike Franklin’s Homebrew: When a glass of Vino Italiano just won’t do it.

I am a big fan of anyone who attempts to brew beer at home- it’s complicated business.  There is a lot that can go wrong during the fermentation process, which can result in some seriously funky, and potentially disastrous brew.

That being said, when one of your friends attempts home-brewing greatness, the results can also be apocalyptically good.  Such is the case with Mike Franklin and his home-brewed IPA.

Mike’s beer was all freshness and light, amazingly floral on the nose- and redolent of jasmine tea and  lemon blossoms.  The palate was full of crackling, lemony hop-flavor, curbed by an immediate and bracing bitterness.  I also discovered notes of freshly cut grass and those malty, bready, yeasty aromas hovering within the finish. The mouth-feel was also  masterful- soft and full-bodied with a very fine and even carbonation.

Cheers to you, Mike Franklin.