Now that we’re through the holidays and well into 2012 Monday sure feels a lot more like Monday, you know?

Sometimes this leads me to day-dreaming about a strong drink. Recently I enjoyed Tasting Kitchen’s “Brooklyn” Cocktail, but I also adore a good Manhattan.

I know it’s only Monday- don’t judge, please.

My dad is in charge of the cocktails during our family gatherings.  Everybody needs a job, and he’s particularly good at this one!  We enjoyed his version of the Manhattan cocktail made with Knob Creek Bourbon, Angostura Bitters and Gallo Sweet Vermouth.  Although classically served up in a martini glass, I like mine in a highball glass over ice- keeps this tasty beverage nice and cool.

There’s something comforting about a bourbon-based cocktail like the Manhattan.  It’s spicy and sultry, but at the same time level-settingly familiar.  Like eggnog during the holidays or inappropriate costumes at the company Halloween celebration.  Maybe that’s just me.