Montesecco. No, it’s not a mountain- it’s a cocktail.

It is no secret I have an unyielding affection for Italian amari, especially Amaro Montenegro.   Yesterday at Carnevino in the Palazzo, Bartender Extraordinaire, JT fixed me right up with a lovely little concoction we call the “Montesecco” out in Las Vegas.

Monte Secco. Also a mountain in Tuscany.

According to my sources, the “Montesecco” was invented in Las Vegas by a fellow Italian Wine Geek, Melissa Mendez.  She had the inspired idea to combine Amaro Montenegro with Prosecco, added a squeeze of lemon, and thus the “Montesecco” was born.  The result is a lovely, refreshing spritz, laced with all the licorice, toffee and citrus notes you’d expect.  I just adore the Montesecco.  It’s delicious… …and it gives me another excuse to drink Amaro Montenegro.