Mugsy loves Bricco Ambrogio, and so will you.

Two of my favorite things.  My dog, Mugsy, and Barolo.  And not just any Barolo: Paolo Scavino’s Bricco Ambrogio Barolo from 2006.  The Bricco Ambrogio vineyard is in Roddi, one of the lesser-known townships in Barolo.  However, Mugsy was happy to find out that Roddi is home to the historic Truffle-Dog Training School.  Now he wants to go to Italy, too.

Bricco Ambrogio’s marly, limestone soils have an unlimited potential to produce stunning Nebbiolo, and we are only beginning to see its potential as a cru from the Scavino family.  Clearly, this 2006 single-cru Barolo is still a baby.  However after it was open for several hours (and had been sloshing around in my wine bag all day), it developed that unique, dried-rose-petals and mineral quality so many of Scavino’s Baroli share.  The tannins had also just begun to unwind themselves, unveiling a more luxurious texture, and flavors of silky-smooth cherries and tobacco. This is a beautiful wine from a serious vintage- it will age gracefully for another 40 years.  Maybe even longer.

*I am employed by Banville & Jones Wine Merchants, and sell the Paolo Scavino wines.  I also happen to love the wines, too! Also, please pardon the gratuitous dog photography.  I am in love with this mutt!*