Window BarAndGardenThe other day I visited the ladies of Culver City’s newly-minted Bar and Garden.  Recently  Lauren Johnson and Marissa Mandel rehabilitated an antique liquor store, and have turned it into a beautiful, airy, sunlight-filled space.  Their selection of natural wines and small-batch spirits is pretty much unparalleled, and the whole operation is overseen by a quiet and affectionate pooch named Banjo.  Now that’s what I call a great neighborhood shop!

Banjo @barandgarden

Banjo, lovable mascot of @BarAndGarden.  Clearly the camera loves him.

Bar and Garden holds regular wine tastings and special events.  They are committed to providing their clientele with natural wine from small producers (Aldo Vajra’s Moscato!  Ambyth Estate!), artisanal spirits without dyes or preservatives, and a perfect selection of hard-to-find cheeses.Vino @BarAndGradenThese ladies are also aficianados of beer.  I walked out with a local sour brew from Placentia’s The Bruery called “Sour in the Rye”.  Later that day I popped it with the bartenders at Mozza in Newport Beach- we were impressed with the depth of flavor and texture that held up under all that brilliant acidity.  This beer was as aromatically complex as any wine- a nose full of jasmine tea and fresh sage leaves.  Luxurious silky froth and a creamy mouthfeel.  Nice choice, ladies!

Sour in the RyeSour in the Rye: perfect with Pizzeria Mozza’s Meatballs.



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I love all things Italian: the beautiful country of Italia, the Italians themselves, the language, the food… and above all, I love Italian wine. The people I meet in my charmed life are fascinating, the wines are extraordinary. I needed a special place like this to write about them, and to remember them.

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