Confession: I have been unnecessarily prejudiced against Arneis.  I am guilty of thinking that this lovely little Piemontese grape produces white wines that can be a little flabby, uninteresting or bland.  This all changed the day I tasted a version from Matteo Correggia.

This Arneis was lively and fun- like a bubbly sorority girl.  She’s the life of the party.  Perhaps an appropriate metaphor for Arneis, whose name means “little rascal” due its wily, difficult nature in the vineyard.   I was captivated by the aromatics- strong notes of Bosc pear skin and white flowers.  On the palate the wine is explosive, and rich with acidity and juicy yellow peaches.

We tasted this wine at Sitka & Spruce in Seattle, alongside a fabulous little black bean soup topped with a perfectly runny poached egg.

A Lesson in Humility: This is not your mama’s Arneis.