Confession: I have been unnecessarily prejudiced against Arneis.  I am guilty of thinking that this lovely little Piemontese grape produces white wines that can be a little flabby, uninteresting or bland.  This all changed the day I tasted a version from Matteo Correggia.

This Arneis was lively and fun- like a bubbly sorority girl.  She’s the life of the party.  Perhaps an appropriate metaphor for Arneis, whose name means “little rascal” due its wily, difficult nature in the vineyard.   I was captivated by the aromatics- strong notes of Bosc pear skin and white flowers.  On the palate the wine is explosive, and rich with acidity and juicy yellow peaches.

We tasted this wine at Sitka & Spruce in Seattle, alongside a fabulous little black bean soup topped with a perfectly runny poached egg.

A Lesson in Humility: This is not your mama’s Arneis.

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I love all things Italian: the beautiful country of Italia, the Italians themselves, the language, the food… and above all, I love Italian wine. The people I meet in my charmed life are fascinating, the wines are extraordinary. I needed a special place like this to write about them, and to remember them.

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  1. djhiza

    We just got back from a year of living in Piemonte and grew quite fond of Arneis. It is certainly more complex than Favorita and goes well with many of the Piemontese dishes. I haven’t tried the Matteo Coreggia but will be on the look out for it.

    • Joanie Karapetian, Italian Wine Geek

      Very cool… You’re right- Favorita can be a little weak, although now that I have been proven wrong regarding Arneis, I am sure there is somebody out there making a stellar Favorita-based wine as well. I hope you can find Matteo Correggia near you…

  2. Ben

    I recently tried Castello di Neive Montebertotto 2011 Arneis and loved it. It stood out in a tasting of around twenty five whites from Delle Venetzie, Langhe, and Provence. I have to admit the $13 price tag about stole my heart. I’ll look out for the Matteo Coreggia.

  3. The Blissful Adventurer

    I am so excited you changed your opinion on Arneis! I love these wines when they are right and Corregia’s talented presence still looms over his namesake winery now years after his tragic ending. Let’s talk Etna soon! (on another note)


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