Our Hearts are with You, Sardegna.

Sardegna FlagSardegna, our hearts are with you!

Sardegna was recently hit by Cyclone Cleopatra.  The authorities and news reporters are calling this event “tragic” “deadly” “apocalyptic”.  I cannot begin to express my worry and sadness at this tragic disaster.  Of all the places in the world, this beautiful country, full of its warm, wonderful people certainly do not deserve this kind of violent, senseless tragedy.Porchetta

I had the opportunity and the honor to experience the full extent of Sardinian hospitality this year at Vigne Surrau winery.  We were treated like family- invited to dinner, lunch, an impromptu volleyball game at the beach, and an unforgettable tour of the vineyards.

I feel as if I only began to understand a small part of the wide and deeply personal culture of Sardegna during our few days there, and I know I will find the opportunity to go back and learn more.  For now I just hope the wonderful people of this astoundingly beautiful place can band together and keep each other safe in this time of difficulty.Teaching

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Sardegna!  Stay safe, Amici.


Click here for information from a local expat on the island, and for links on how to help with relief efforts.