When I got the email inviting me to Piemonte to visit various wineries and learn more about Piemontese traditions and culture I thought, “Pinch me- am I dreaming?”

I am totally excited to be travelling to Piemonte in a few weeks on an educational tour sponsored by the Italian cultural group, “Piemonte, Land of Perfection”.  One of the stops on the tour is a visit to the most well-known of Barbaresco producers, Produttori del Barbaresco.


These wines are massively elegant, shining examples of Nebbiolo in all its glory.  Just one such example of the hardworking, passionate people in this region known for producing some of Italy’s most sought-after wines.  In just a few weeks I hope to understand (a little bit better) the terroir and the people who combine forces to produce such iconic wines.  A little bit of vineyard dirt under my feet, and the smell of fermenting grapes in the air.

Piemonte, I’m coming home.