Perugia @nightBeing in Perugia during the holiday season is pure magic.  This ancient town, precariously clinging to the side of a mountain, is full of artisanal producers of chocolate, cured meats, olive oils and pastries.  It’s hard not to be stunned by Perugia’s strategic location high above the green rolling hills of Umbria’s most beautiful countryside.  The entire city feels like some kind of fairytale palace, all cut from silvery stone and bejeweled with frescoes and artwork from throughout the centuries.  I found my self openly staring, wide-eyed and openly impressed as we walked through this warmly lit, hillside city at dusk.

As we perused the main square I happened to catch a glimpse of something familiar peeking through a window…

Drusian @Caffe della Banca

There on the floor of the Caffe della Banca, was a stack of Drusian Prosecco.  This is a Prosecco I can only find in certain places in California- something artisanal and special, something that really screams “celebration” to me.  The perfect appertif wine to honor our arrival in Perugia.

In the timeless tradition of Italian hospitality, in the few hours before dinner when you stop into a cafe or Bar to have a glass of wine, the bartender will typically set out little bites to enjoy Drusian Apperitivowith your beverage.  This was one of my favorite traditions, especially while living as a student in Bologna.  Pay for a glass of vino… and you can
almost eat dinner for free.

The Drusian Prosecco is always a joy to drink.  It’s crisp, loaded with those beautiful white flower aromatics and that lemony Meyer-lemon perfume.  It’s balanced, not too sweet, and full of tiny, happy bubbles.

Joanie in Perugia

Benvenuti in Perugia!