Revel, Seattle. Korean Comfort Food for Foodies.

Revel in Seattle is one of those places the locals frequent for lunch.  You’d be a lucky tourist who found this place while visiting from out of town.  Very lucky.  Revel’s husband and wife chef duo Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi met while cooking at New York’s illustrious Alain Ducasse at the Essex House.  Their current project, Revel, is quite frankly, a revelation of reinterpreted Korean

comfort.  Delicious, accessible to Korean-food novices like I am, and with a wine list to make any wine geek shed a quiet tear of pride.

We started the meal with a Corned Lamb Salad.  Both unique and very simple, this was the one this that stayed with me.  There was something about the delicate corning spices, and the tender, flaky texture of the lamb.  I could eat this everyday.  Seriously, folks.

We also ordered a series of Korean pancakes and dumplings- all equally delicious and innovative.  These are the kind of food memories that define a place for me.  Seattle rocks!

Kale, Walnut, Arugula and Pecorino Pancake.  As dense and delicious as it sounds.

Crispy Pork Belly Pancake.  No description needed.

Cauliflower, Ricotta and Black Truffle Dumpling.  Like the best pan-fried Raviolo ever.

Loved the condiments provided to season each dish as you like.

Did I mention we were eating lunch with a couple of my favorite wine guys in Seattle?  Jon and Mike from Cavatappi  are focused on bringing quality, small-production wines from all over the world to the people of Washington state.  You have to love  a man on a mission!  Of course, this kind of wine-geek gathering required a bottle of vino.  We had a fun selection to choose from, as the list at Revel is quite comprehensive.  Terlano’s Pinot Bianco?  Delicious!  In the end we went with the 2009 Schwarzböck Grüner Veltliner.  Bright, zippy and pleasantly aromatic.  This is the perfect wine to pair with such bold and spicy food.  It also comes in a 1 Liter bottle, which is always a bonus.  That’s 250 extra ml!