Testamatta’s Soffocone is a wine I learned about years ago, when I met a fellow Italian
importer and wine-o-phile in Verona, outside the Bottega del Vino.  Stefano Biscotto (known by some simply as “Biscuit”) explained to me that the US government refused to approve the label for the wine due to its “lasviscious” nature.  “Why would that be?” you might ask…
Take a good look at this label.

After Trilussa began importing Soffocone into the US, Testamatta’s charismatic figurehead Bibi Graetz publicized the origin of the name of the wine.   Vincigliata, the vineyard from which the wine is obtained, is a favorite spot for local young lovers, and “soffocone” is a crude Firenze term for fellatio. Apparently, there is a clause in our legislation that does not permit a wine label to feature any type of sexual imagery.  Interesting fact, especially given the nature of some of our country’s alcoholic beverage advertising.

Soffocone is delicious, a blend of sangiovese, canaiolo and colorino grapes. The wine is juicy, full of ripe, black cherry and a dusty, truly Tuscan graphite edge.

Although the story behind the name is funny, this wine is no joke.  All of Testamatta’s wines are important examples of exciting microsites within these beautiful Tuscan hills.  The winery is dedicated to local wine varietals and impeccable quality.  Not to mention they have a great sense of humor as well.

Truly a great “giftable” wine this holiday season.

Honestly, who wouldn’t enjoy a Soffocone?