I found my new favorite spot from which to soak up Seattle’s scenery.  It’s the beautiful bar at Chef Tamara Murphy’s Terra Plata, perched on a lovely piece of Capitol Hill, overlooking the city and bay.  The space is warm and inviting, and offers almost acomplete 360 view of the neighborhood due to its gorgeous glass and wood construction within a unique, triangular design.

And the food totally rocks!

One major bonus to dining out in Seattle is that most of its restaurants are focused along the lines of  “local, fresh, seasonal”.  However Terra Plata truly walks the walk.  We sat at the bar for a little late lunch and watched as one delivery person after another walked through the restaurant bearing beautiful boxes of fresh produce.  Chanterelle mushrooms that would make your eyes bleed they were so gorgeous.  Jewel-toned carrots and dark, crisp bunches of winter greens.  It was a pleasure to watch the parade of produce.

We started with a glass of sparkling wine- Louis Bouillot’s Perle d’Aurore Rosé Brut, a Cremant de Bourgogne.  How can you NOT order a wine called “Pearl of the Dawn?”  The wine was delicious, flirty, with a very fine mousse and a creamy mouth feel.  Everything you’d want in a little glass of pre-prandial bubbles, plus a generous helping of strawberries (this wine was CLASSIC Pinot Noir Rosé).  This is a lovely, well-conceived wine list with little gems from all over the world.

The food was lovely, unpretentious and simply fresh and tasty.  I would have ordered three rounds of the Shishito peppers, an unadorned plate of the freshest peppers, griddled to perfection and laced with a crunchy, flaky sea salt.  There was also a touch of acidity- perhaps a squeeze of lemon, that lifted these peppers to perfection.

A plate of wilted winter greens with a poached egg was another revelation.  Soft, earthy greens smothered in runny yellow egg yolk and studded with little jewels of bacon.  All of this on top of roasted root vegetables- simple, fresh, perfectly executed.

Michele Satta’s Bolgheri Rosso was a perfect match for this dish, an elegant wine made from equal parts Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with a touch of Syrah to lift the acidity.  The nose is pretty and floral, showing violets and minerality.  On the palate the wine is lean and long, with a nice, fruit-filled finish.

I am loving Seattle for embracing a chef like Tamara Murphy and her delicious, honest food, and I could perch myself at this bar all day, just watching the neighborhood swirl around me.  Well done, Terra Plata, well done.