Terre di Giurfo

Terre di Giurfo is one of my favorite Sicilian wineries for many reasons.  This winery produces a number of traditional, non-fooled-around-with Sicilian wines, typical of the area near Iblea.  It’s also a winery run by some of the most amazing, kind-hearted and earnest people I have ever met.  I worked with the winery a few years ago, and am always happy to see their products in the market.  I was reminded of them the other day when I saw one of their wines on the menu at Drago Centro in Los Angeles.  It’s so rewarding to see good people creating success in their lives.

Terre di Giurfo’s “Maskaria” is a Cerauolo di Vittorio- a typical blend of Frappato and Nero d’Avola grapes.  I remember how excited we were when the area was granted its DOCG status.  The winery was so proud to unveil the first vintage with the pretty pink band on the top of the bottle.  The wine is bright, with earthy red cherry aromas and a gorgeous acidity.  It’s a stainless-steel fermented wine, which helps encourage the delicate aromas and velvety raspberry palate.  This is the wine you want to drink with a simple roasted tomato pasta, or a plate of aged cheese and salumi.  Delicious!

If you want to begin to understand the real Italian palate for food and wine, start with a wine like the Maskaria.  Bright, lively and totally flexible with most food pairings.  Your simply can’t go wrong with Terre di Giurfo!

Terre di Giurfo and a former importer, Vino Bravo

Cerasuolo di Vittoria is only one of many amazing wines indigenous to Southern Italy.  The version from Terre di Giurfo is a classic and shining example.  Thankfully the wine is substantially represented in the US.  Try some today- you’ll thank me for it.