The DOCG You Didn’t Know Existed… @Montelvini

AsoloI picked up this bottle of Prosecco from Venegazzù Montelvini and studied the label carefully.  “DOCG Asolo” was written clearly, and yet, Italian Wine Geek that I am, I could not tell you that I had ever tasted a wine from this DOCG before.  A little digging revealed the reason- Asolo produces only 125,000 cases of DOCG Asolo Prosecco each year- compared to Conegliano-Valdobiadenne’s nearly 8 million cases of DOCG Prosecco!  Asolo DOCG

As you can see (in red above), Asolo sits just south of Conegliano- Valdobiadenne, and is much smaller.  Both DOCGs are surrounded by a (bubbly) sea of Prosecco, from the rest of the DOC zones.  As far as I understand, all Prosecco from the DOCGs and DOCs must be made with 100% Glera grapes.  It is the individual vineyards’ terroir and expositions that truly sets each bottling apart.Famiglia Serena

La Famiglia Serena… in vigna.

Venegazzù Montelvini is very recently being sold in the US- the Serena family has only found distribution here since 2013- but if the American thirst for Prosecco is any indication, I am sure they will be met with great success.  This bottle of bubbles was simply delicious!Mugsy loves the bubbles

The first thing I noticed, as soon as I popped the cork, was the explosion of aromatics- even before I poured the wine in the glass I could smell the ripe pears and yellow apples that are trademarks for great Prosecco.


Wines like this are perfect apperitivi wines- to go with little snacks and appetizers, also known as stuzzichini.  The bubbles are fine and frothy- celebratory and just plain fun to drink.  A wine like this, with such structure and balanced acidity, can also hold up to a sturdy dinner- even grilled steak and quinoa!

Diapositiva9 - Copia

Photo of Asolo- Land of Prosecco

I have never visited the production areas for Prosecco, but thanks to images like this photo of Asolo, it is high on my list of places to see.  I love sparkling wines and I drink them all the time. When there are so many terrible imitation-proseccos in the great sea of wine available to the American consumer, it is always a joy to find one like Venegazzù Montelvini that rings true of terroir and hand-crafted passion.

Thank you, famiglia Serena, for teaching us all a little bit more about what we affectionately call Proseccoland, and thank you for fighting the good (bubbly) fight.

Viva Asolo DOCG!