The Meat House: Everyone needs a Good Butcher!

Everyone needs a quality local butcher.  Emil and I have found one we love in Costa Mesa, part of a national franchise called the Meat House.  These guys know their meat.  It’s an old-school butcher with a modern twist- I mean, these guys have their own blog!



I love this place because it is full-service.  They have everything: from prime cuts of beef, artisan cheeses to microbrew beers.  Their wine selection is solid, and you can pick up a great loaf of locally sourced bread.  They even offer fresh vegetables for grilling.  In a place like Southern California where a BBQ in December isn’t out of the question, the Meat House is a one-stop shop for all your entertaining needs.  I love these guys- they make it so easy to cook a great meal at home.

Our current obsession however, are their goat cheese italian sausages.  These deceptively simple links are incredible- grilled over a hot fire they crisp up, encasing the tender porky flavors inside, allowing the goat cheese pockets to melt throughout and scenting the whole mess with a


delicate fennel and black pepper spice.  This is pig heaven.  And speaking of pigs…



I ordered the whole suckling pig Emil and I roasted for his birthday from the Meat House.   We were impressed with the quality of the pig, as well as the efficient and helpful service.  See for yourself- find a Meat House Location near you (or maybe look into a franchise of your own- hint, hint dad!)  You won’t be disappointed.