The Tomatoes are in the House.

Everyone should grow something. I suggest growing something edible- it’s rewarding, tasty and teaches you a very important lesson about agriculture.  It’s HARD to grow things!  Everything in the universe combines to work against you- weather, insects, astrological signs aligning…  And yet, human beings have been feeding themselves through agriculture for thousands of years.  It’s amazing to me.

I was talking with Lou, of Lou on Vine yesterday and he was marveling at what the trials and tribulations of agriculture mean for the winemaker.  He had a great point- imagine what it takes to be a truly successful grape-grower.  And THEN this person ALSO has to be an expert at making wine.  Good point, Lou.  This is probably part of society’s concerted interest and reverence for wine.  Our primitive selves remember how completely impossible it is to grow things and survive off the land.  The collective unconscious is reminding us that both agriculture, and therefore wine, are miraculous.

My own backyard harvest took place this morning…

I had some help from a friend.