Trust me. It’s me and Frank Cornelissen @SottoLA!

Have you ever given somebody a camera and fanatically asked them to take a picture of you and somebody really, truly important to you?

Like, say you meet Ozzy Osbourne or Tony Iommi in an airport- you’d want to record that, right?  Tony Iommi and Emil Karapetian

Black Sabbath’s Toni Iommi and Emil Karapetian

Or maybe you bump into Mike Tyson over a cup of coffee?  You definitely need an image of that moment…Mike Tyson and Kristin Bonfiglio

Mike Tyson and Kristin Bonfiglio

Frank Cornelisson @SottoLAWell, I had the chance to meet one of my idols awhile back- Frank Cornelissen, an amazing winemaker from Mount Etna who came to Los Angeles to do a dinner at Sotto.

The evening was perfect- an intimate group of LA’s finest wine geeks, Jeremy Parzen, Lou Amdur– everything you could hope for in a celebrity wine-maker dinner.  The menu was expertly devised, Sicilian-influenced and perfectly accented by the mysterious wines.

I tasted my first bottle ever of the elusive Magma that night- a red wine made from specially-selected Nerello Mascelese grapes.  The wine tastes as ancient and powerful as the volcano itself.  It’s alive with minerality and teeming with ripe red fruits and brisk sea spray.

Rory and FrankSotto Wine Captain Rory Harrington and Frank Cornelissen

Back to that fateful moment when you hand over your camera and ask somebody to take a picture of you and your celebrity obsession.

Lesson Learned:  make sure the person you hand the camera to can actually FOCUS the lens!

Joanie and FrankTrust me, that’s me and Frank Corenlissen @SottoLA!