I love this place. Vintage Enoteca is one of those amazing little spots, tucked away in an unsuspecting place next to a Head Shop that smells perpetually of patchouli.  They are serving interesting and honest food, as well as incredibly geeky, fun wines.

The place is very slick, but comfortable: modern Italian-cafe style, with Nina Simone playing on the sound system while a couple of actor-types review scripts over coffee in a corner.

You’d need a local to tell you about it- and they probably prefer it that way.

Sorry guys, but your secret is out!

I stopped in here with my friend Brittany Carlisi, one of my favorite Italian Wine Geeks, and we found this amazing bottle of Fiano d’Avellino from I Favati on the wine list that owners Jennifer and Danielle so carefully curate.  These ladies are not interested in the same bottle of Pinot Grigio or Prosecco you see everywhere else.  They challenge themselves to find the truly special gems, and then hand-sell each bottle as if it were a family heirloom.

The wine is pearly yellow, with greenish edges.  It’s steely, full of explosive volcanic minerality and ringing with acidity.  There’s even a hint of smoke- like grilled peaches.   The perfect food wine.  In general  love Fiano– it can age so well, too.  This is the kind of varietal you want to drink after 15 or 20 years, just to bear witness to its awesome evolution.

We tasted a few of the kitchen’s daily offerings, and were super impressed with this fresh crab salad- a straight-forward bruschetta made with nothing more than really plump pieces of crab meat, lemon, a touch of mint and some super-grassy olive oil.

Another delight- and the dish I am still dreaming of today- was a plate of potato gnocchi, pan toasted and drowning in the most lovely fava puree.  A touch of goat cheese really set the whole thing singing, especially with this briny, bright Fiano d’Avellino.

I love that the food was just as intriguing and fresh and the wine list.  Another couple of geeky wine gals keeping the world safe for Italian wines.  Bravo!

**Vintage Enoteca is hosting another of their fabulous, incomparable wine nights this weekend… lessons in BACON/ WINE Pairing! Not to miss!**