It’s been a great week in Food & Wine, folks!  Check out some of my favorite internet tidbits…

Oliver McCrum, (one of my favorite Italian Wine Geeks) reminds us to celebrate the Aperol Spritz.  Cin cin!  Great advice for the holidays!

Jeremy Parzen reminds us of the “Magic” that is Brunello and Montalcino with his piece on Brunelli Winery.  I have never tried these wines before.. they’re now on my list.  Thanks Dobianchi!

There’s been a lot of nervous chatter about the Euro and what the Eurpoean economy meltdown is going to mean for wine and wine producers.  This piece by Dr. Vino is especially interesting.

I am in the thralls of a crazy, frantic sales season, and therefore have very little time to even think about the holidays.  If I did, I would be making these Nutmeg Maple Butter Cookies by Smitten Kitchen.

As a woman working in wine sales, I can appreciate the (hilarious) truth behind this kvetch from the anonymous wine rep on  It’s the customers like this who remind us that evolution is a long, slow process.

Buon Weekend!