“We all work for Italy”

Italy is important to me.  My familial heritage is Italian.  I spent much of my impressionable, formative time as a college student in Italy.  I devoted my initial academic pursuits to understand the literature, film and art of Italy.  There is something magical about Italy for me.   In a sense, Italy defines me.  I discovered a big piece of who I am and how I look at the world through the time I spent living in Bologna.  It is these strange and wonderful times in a country a world away from the familiar where many protagonists find their true selves.

Having only been in my current position selling Italian wine for the past few months, I have begun a re-awakening of sorts.  I am reminded that everyone is selling something.  In my past jobs working for big, non-wine related companies, I had still been selling something, or working on some small piece of a plan designed to sell something.  If we all have to sell something, I am so happy- no, ecstatic– that I can sell wine.  Not just any wine, but Italian wine.  This realization of the full, happy extent of my new circumstances feels like the beginning of a new adventure.

I started this blog because I am excited about what I am doing with my life right now and I wanted a place to talk about it.  I meet a lot of wonderful people and I am energized by working with them, and I wanted a place to share this as well. My goal for this blog is that it is a forum for me to express myself, to promote my wines and colleagues, and to meet a few like-minded Italophilic folks.  Italy is a special, uniquely magical place for almost everyone it touches.  As a friend of mine in the same line of work said recently to me, “We all work for Italy”.