What Happens in Vegas…

Yes, that painting of a suave gentleman in a white dinner jacket holding a monkey is captioned with (in French, no less), “Would you like to dance with me?”  Could this bar exist anywhere other than Las Vegas?

I guarantee that upon entering Piero’s you will NOT be surprised to learn that certain scenes from the movie Casino were filmed there.  This place is truly a Las Vegas Institution!

I was at Piero’s to meet with a new distributor partner, Wirtz Beverage, Nevada.  I am very excited to be working with their team of Fine Wine salespeople, including Italian Specialist Mike Tadich.  This is a team of some of the most driven, aggresive, and professional salespeople I have met.  These guys are serious about wine, people!  Las Vegas is not cheap buffets and watered-down cocktails anymore. This city has some of the most impressive culinary experiences and most comprehensive wine lists in the world.  Las Vegas is also home to more Master Sommeliers than almost any other city in the world.  This is the Age of the Connoisseur, and Las Vegas is the place to be.

Part of the Wirtz Fine Wine Dream Team

More of my adopted Las Vegas Team… I can’t wait to come back!

This was our initial meeting to taste through a few of the most strategic wines my company, Banville & Jones imports into the US.  The team has already begun selling the wines into the most important accounts in the city.  Prestigious and authentic wineries like Tolaini, Terlano, Paolo Scavino and Ca’ del Bosco are such natural fits for Las Vegas- I know we are going to have a lot of success with these guys!

Another day at the office…

After working with the Wirtz Fine Wine Team for a few days I am both (pleasantly) surprised and impressed.  Like most distributors, these people have hundreds of wines to sell, and yet the manage to know a lot about all of them.  They are professionals who recognize how lucky we are to work in an industry we all love.  It is clear this is a company that values education, professionalism, and has a passion for fine wine- a real recipe for success.

With David Scott, an official Head Honcho at Wirtz (he even has his own parking spot!)