I am totally in love with Cube.  I think I am a little late to the party here, seeing as the place has been open since 2006, but I am only really discovering this little gem of a spot now. Cube is a little restaurant and wine bar on North La Brea in Los Angeles.  it is also an amazing online store with artisanal foods, wines and condiments.  Cube is also an amazing, information-packed blog.  These guys are serious about food and wine- and they’ve covered all the right bases.  Did I mention the Cube’s Wine Director David King’s wine list?  I. Adore. Cube.

Cube’s bar is also the perfect place to wait out the Los Angeles traffic, which is exactly what Brittany Carlisi (@TheWineContessa) and I attempted to do.  We found an amazing bottle of Durin’s Pigato on the wine list, sat back, and enjoyed not being stuck bumper-to-bumper on the 110 freeway.  It’s amazing how fast a crisp little white wine can totally transform your afternoon!

This Pigato is the product of a family farm, run by Laura and Antonio Basso.  It is a waxy, nuanced version of Pigato- golden and bright with a lovely oily texture.

The wine’s aromas are all beeswax, honeysuckle, seawater and citrus rind.  I love the way this rich wine settles roundly on my palate but then gives way to a bright, saline acidity- it’s the perfect wine to pair with pesto (a classic Ligurian match), or really any cheese- including this delicious little Cube taster of sheep’s milk cheese and celery.

Cube also has some of its delicious artisanal products for sale… at the end of your meal you can take a bit of the whole experience home with you, too.

Salt, Olives, Frisky Italian Tomatoes- what more could you possibly need?

Except for a glass of Pigato, of course…