Why Every Mexican Restaurant Needs a Good Prosecco.

Prosecco is good.  Mugsy thinks Mexican food is better, though…

I stopped by Francoli Gourmet in Orange yesterday, and picked up a bottle of this Bisol “Crede” Prosecco.  Bisol is one of the oldest and most respected Prosecco producers.  The wines are serious, high-quality and among some of the more interesting Prosecchi in the Veneto.  The “Crede” bottling is pale straw-yellow with a persistent mousse. It has a bright nose redolent of white peach, white flowers, mint and even tequila. The combination of the wine’s creaminess, along with its fresh acidity, make it a natural for food pairings.

Above is an image by photo-blogger Michael Fletcher of a natural pairing for Prosecco.  This is Francoli Gourmet’s Spaghetti in Tomato and Cream Sauce.  I can see how the creamy sauce would balance the bright acidity of the wine.  I also love the idea of a steaming bowl of pasta next to an icy glass of Prosecco.  The photo is gorgeous too!

Last night we discovered a new favorite combination- Prosecco and Mexican Food.  I sautéed some peppers, seared a few mushrooms, threw together a little cumin-scented chicken and served it over black beans and rice.  The smokiness of the cumin really highlighted the brightness of the wine.  It was a delicious match- if a little unorthodox.  In fact, it was almost enough to make me switch completely from Margaritas to Prosecco.  Almost.